The TGS 1500 weapon storage cabinet was developed to meet the needs of law enforcement communities. This is a very popular product with agencies across the country. We are now seeing a sales growth in the consumer market. With the launch of the TGS Sportsman weapon cabinet geared towards the home AR weapons enthusiast, we now have many home users visiting our sites. It appears that the TGS 1500 will be a very popular choice. The larger cabinet provides twice the capacity of the Sportsmen. 


TGS 1500 provides flexible storage for a wide variety of weapons. The SecureIt patent pending saddle system quickly and easily adjusts throughout the cabinet allowing full reconfiguration in minutes. 400lb capacity shelves provide storage space for a great deal of gear and ammo. 

Use of modular bins and trays allow you to use the area around and behind weapons for additional storage. In the photo, 308 and 223 ammo are stored in bins. 30 round 223 magazines and 9mm pistol magazines are stored in a tray. There are also 2 – 9mm handguns stored in a bin.

Rifles in this cabinet:

• Colt AR15 Comp
• AR10 Supper SASS
• S&W AR15
Rem 700 police sniper
• M16A2
• AK47
• Mosin Nagant
Mossberg shotgun
• Mossberg 20GA Youth Shotgun
• Mossberg 500 Tactical shotgun

Gear includes 30 round Mags, 100 round drums,  Otis cleaning kit and cleaning supplies, compressed air, spotting scope in case and AR15 parts.

TGS weapon storage cabinet

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About SecureIt
SecureIt Tactical Inc. is the leading supplier of weapon storage products to the US military. Our tactical weapon storage platform was developed under contract with US Army Special Forces and provides unmatched flexibility and adaptability.

SecureIt has designed or consulted on some of the largest and most complex storage systems in the US, including: MARSOC West, DEVGRU, USS Nimitz, CAG and many others.

May 02, 2012



Very Cool!!!! Does it come with the Dragonov and RPD???

September 08 2012 at 12:09 PM

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